SiteGround Brand Assets

Helpful guidelines to use the SiteGround brand and downloadable assets for your convenience.

SiteGround Brand Assets


  • Siteground
  • Site Ground
  • Site ground
  • SideGround

The SiteGround Brand Name

“SiteGround” is one word, spelled with a capital “S” and а capital “G”. We will appreciate you taking this into consideration whenever using the SiteGround brand name.

The SiteGround Logo

Тhe SiteGround logo was created by tracing the handwriting of one of our company founding members. It represents the care and craft we put into everything we do.

SiteGround Brand Colors

Logo Colors

CMYK 46/0/91/0
RGB 150/203/76

Logo Green

CMYK 68/63/64/60
RGB 51/50/48

Logo Black

Primary Colors

CMYK 70/4/6/0
RGB 34/184/209

Active Blue

CMYK 4/47/96/0
RGB 238/150/41

Active Purple

Secondary Colors

CMYK 58/75/0/0
RGB 125/90/166

Soft Blue

CMYK 70/4/6/0
RGB 34/184/209

Pale Blue

CMYK 77/7/66/0
RGB 43/171/127

Soft Green

CMYK 4/47/96/0
RGB 238/150/41

Pale Green

CMYK 77/7/66/0
RGB 43/171/127

Soft Purple

CMYK 4/47/96/0
RGB 238/150/41

Pale Purple

Usage Guidelines

The SiteGround trademark is proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Please don't display our trademark in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by SiteGround to your product, service, or business.

Please don't combine the SiteGround trademark with any other logos and graphics without written consent from SiteGround.

Please don't use our trademark in any way that confuses SiteGround with another brand.

Please don’t alter these files in any way. Do not change the design, scale, or colour of the SiteGround marks without our written consent.

Please don't use the SiteGround trademark as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.

Please only use the SiteGround logo versions uploaded on this page, and only the colour versions specified here.